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I was given your contact details by Morgan & Wacker BMW Brisbane. I had the 3M film applied to my K1600GT about 4 years and 120,000km ago. It’s now looking a little tired in places. I thought it was a gimmick at first, but have to say, I’d apply it from the get go on a new bike purchase.

I was hoping you could help me with the supply of new film sections? The outer sections of my panniers are looking very tired and marked, are the fuel tank sections. I recently damaged the lower fairing sections attempting to push my bike over a high road kerb. As the bike is heading to the BMW Clubs Australia rally in Victoria in November, I’d like the bike to look it’s very best amongst what will probably be the biggest gathering of BMW bikes in the country.

Is it possible to purchase just the required sections rather than a complete kit? Do you have someone in Darwin you’d recommend to install it?

Deanna & Wes.


Thought I’d flick you done photos of your product after four years on the bike. As you can see the mask in the fuel tank area has begun to discolour on both sides. In the past few months it has taken on a tea stained look in places. I’d really like to replace these as its making the bike look old.

The panniers are marked and looking tatty from boot headed mechanics with big feet kicking he stuffing out of them for years. The film on the lower belly pan fairing is torn after its run in with a concrete kerb.



Hi Paul,
Mate i got my Pani done by you around 18 months ago and have sung the virtues of this 3M stuff ever since.
A mate of mine has just bought a new R1 which he has just had Opticoated. He isn’t interested in getting a whole bike kit but would like to cover his headlights (as tiny as they are). Are you able to supply these pieces separately and if so how much would that be?

G’day Paul


I have my Ducati Streetfighter protected with the full kit  3m Clear Armour but was unlucky enough to cop a rock flicked up by my brother inlaw’s R1 today that has peeled a little tear on the plastic (thank whoever I had the clear coat as I am positive it could have been much worse)

Can you please give me an idea of cost plus postage to Cairns Nth QLD to get a replacement TANK FRONT RIGHT and TANK FRONT LEFT.

Thanks heaps for your help


Kindest regards




Received my replacement tank front and left today. Man I wish I could write a report on how good the product is but most of all how good the customer service has been from you and your company Clear Armour. Your product saved me an expensive paint repair on my Ducati no doubt about it. Your willingness to stand behind you product restored my faith in there being such a thing as great customer service. I will champion your service and company up here in the North to anybody who will listen.

From one very happy person

Thank you kindly for all of your help


To Paul, Sorry for taking so long, it was easy to put on, I gave myself an 8 out of 10, but then after 2 weeks a lot of the bubbles were gone, so now its a 9 out of 10. Here are those pictures you asked for.
Thankyou from Karen.

Conden in Perth here. Fitted all the clear-a on the weekend. Was easy-as. Had to do it in stages as it started to rain on sat & sun morning, but all good.

As i knew from my monster all the decals were “perfect”. You really do sell an excellent product!

Cheers for all your help,


Hi Paul,

Here is my initial feedback on the kit. I think there is the potential to improve the kit, and would love to hear any feedback you get from the stencil designers/publishers.

The bubbles that were under the film have been reducing as you suggested, and I think another couple of weeks and some warmer weather might get rid of the last couple of small bubbles. Failing that I could try and pop them with a pin if I was bothered by them, but know how tough the film is I don’t like my chances of doing a neat job of that!

All in all it’s a great product, and the success or failure of any installation seems to be a combination of the stencil design and applicator experience. There were two pieces that I couldn’t get on without significant defects because they seemed to have to go over sharp edges on the nose of the bike, but I think you might be able to get them on or a refinement of the stencil would make it simple enough for a novice like me.

Let me know if anything on the attached is unclear, and your thoughts on each observation.


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the finish on my MTB after applying the clear gloss vinyl . Very easy to apply and you have to look closely to see the edges. Feel a lot happier now my bikes protected from stone chips and scratches.

Thanks Chris

Product looks great. I installed it yesterday – it took about 1 hour as I had trouble with a couple of the pieces getting and staying in place (especially the first fairing piece I put on). There are a few bubbles that right now but its only been about 28 hours since in finished installing. On the front nose area there is a couple of spots that look like they have a little bit of the solution (water and baby shampoo) left under the film but other than that it all looks great. I could only leave it in the sun yesterday for 3 hours as the clouds started to get dark and it looked like it might rain but I put the bike outside today for another 4-5 hours. I will probably repeat tomorrow.

I have two final questions for you:
1) should I wait any period of time before riding?
2) I usually put some wax (I believe it is “Ice all surface wax” on the bike after I wash it. Can I apply this wax to the 3m vinyl pieces?


G’day Paul,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you… but, I had further electrical issues occur because of an isolated incident.

So, I have enlarged your website pictures for my bike and was able to ascertain the film needed. Could a I get a quote for the following please Paul?

1) Upper side panel (OPTION 2 – LEFT)
2) Upper side panel (OPTION 2 – RIGHT)
3) Lower side panel (LEFT)
4) Lower side panel (RIGHT)
5) Belly pan panel (LEFT)
6) Belly pan panel (RIGHT)
7) Seat unit (LEFT)
8) Seat unit (RIGHT)

I have the raised R’s on my fairings (black bike) BUT OPTION 2 GIVES THE BEST PROTECTION…when I got sideswiped…because I had option 2 on the bike…it save my $800.00 side fairing.

The rest of the panel films are hit areas that I have determined need to be replaced due to rock hits and scuffs from getting on and off the bike.

I will just cut around the film with a stylist knife to help make it fit.

A further note Paul is that your product works and saves the paint work brilliantly…I have received countless comments from people who are amazed that I have 48,000 klm on a two year old bike..purchased from Sydney City Motorcycles in March 2013…that still looks like its in show room condition.

Kind regards,


Hey Paul.

I would like to thank you for your information on the film for my Bandit.
I have decided not to go ahead with using it … at the moment.
Perhaps in the future I might change my mind.

Again, thank you.
I wanted to let you know that I appreciated how quickly and politely you responded to my enquiries.

Have a great day.

Chris Manessis

Hi Paul

I put them on last week.

1. Forks Protection I give myself a 10/10 – looks great.
2. Headlight Protection I give myself a 5/10 – looked great when I finished applying, but next day it had lifted off underneath. I’m guessing due to the large 3D curvature of the headlights. I can push the plastic back down, but it keeps lifting off. Its only a small bit on each headlight so I’ll just cut the crease off.
3. Tail Protection I give myself a 8/10 – looked great when I finished, but next day there were a few bubbles there which did not go away. Good enough, it will serve its purpose (protect from saddle bag straps).

I think practice makes perfect, so not too bad for a first timer. If I was to get more bits (or another bike) I’d definitely get you to do it!


Your product works and saves the paint work brilliantly…I have received countless comments from people who are amazed that I have 48,000 klm on a two year old bike..purchased from Sydney City Motorcycles in March 2013…that still looks like its in show room condition.

Kind regards, Peter

Mate you are a champion thank you so very much for sending the pieces to me , the full piece is perfect for what I require.I will certainly tell everyone about your superb, generous service.

Regards, Brendon.

Hi Paul
I kid you not without the film I would be looking at a really expensive respray (Fighter Yellow is practically impossible to match).
What great customer service.
I am more than happy to pay something Paul as I feel like I got off easy just by having the clear coat and I appreciate your time.
Kindest regards

Hi Paul, Finally applied the kit to my Busa .

I must admit I was not looking forward to the task, however following the tips made it quite easy in the end.

Took me about 4 hours all up, some of the bits like the air intake took some working but patience and plenty of solution were the key and I kept working the film, eventually got it to mould to the shape. You can hardly see the film and only a few bubbles remain which should go in the next few days.

Overall very impressed. Thanks. Regards, Martin

Hi Paul,

Thanks a lot for that. I hope I can do as good a job as you did on my roadking a couple of years ago.

Thanks again

Hi Paul,

Mate you are a champion thank you so very much for sending the pieces to me , the full piece is perfect for what I require.I will certainly tell everyone about your superb Generous service.
Attached is a pic of my bike ,with MOMMA AND POPPA DUCATI framed hand drawn prints behind the MHR, ( That’s what my ex missus called them 🙂 Thought you might like to see my pride and joy . Once again thanks very much for your help .


Hi Paul.

Received the replacement pieces today. Your a legend. Thank you. I will happily plug your services to all I meet. Will replace the pieces on the bike on the weekend. Are there any special requirements to peel existing pieces off bike? Thanks again and  I will definitely recommend you to all friends and rally associates. Cheers Mick


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