Clear Armour™ Protection for Vehicles

Q. Why would I want Clear Armour™ Protection?

A. People use Clear Armour™ to keep their bikes and cars painted leading edges free of stone chips, bug acids, scratches and worst case – repainting

Q. Why will Bug Acids not adhere to Clear Armour™s like it etches into my bikes front forks?

A. Due to the chemical and molecular structure of our product, Bug Acids will not soak or etch into the urethane composition. To clean, simply spray the area with glass cleaner, let soak for a couple minutes, and wipe or scrub off. Any residue that may appear after cleaning will dissipate after a day or so in the sun.

Q. Is Clear Armour™ Paint Protection permanent? Can it be removed in the future?

Clear Armour™ can be removed in the future if desired. Heat will help in the removal. ie hair dryer.

Q. If I remove the film, will it remove my paint with it?

A. Clear Armour™ like any vinyl, should not take factory paint with it during removal.

Q. Can I Apply Clear Armour™ over graphics?

A. The clear film will not interfere with vinyl or painted graphics and is designed to match the gloss levels of todays paint systems, providing virtually invisible protection. However, if the film is removed, damage may occur to the underlying graphic during the removal process.

Q. Do I need to cut Clear Armour™ to fit my vehicle?

A. No. The film is pre-cut for your bike or car. The film does not cut that well with a knife I would recommend scissors You may however trim areas as you feel fit.

Q. Do I need a professional installer to install Clear Armour™ ?

A. re: Motorcycles. I have tried to make the stencil as easy to work with as possible .While “easy-to-follow” instructions are provided, you may choose to a have the kit professionally installed. If you require an installer simply ask us and we’ll do our best to assist you in finding one.

re: Cars it is generally recommended that a professional fit the Clear Armour™ protection.

Q. Does Clear Armour™ have any warranty?

A. Yes. 3M has a five year warranty from the date of purchase against any deterioration of the product as well as visual clarity.

Q. Does Clear Armour™ stick to metal

A. Yes it will protect metal.

Q. How clear is Clear Armour™?

A. It is almost invisible. I would be lying if I said you can’t see it from half a metre away because you can see a visible line . But go back a metre from the vehicle and you struggle to see anything.

Q. Can I install Clear Armour™ dry to a part of my bike or car?

A. Clear Armour™ is applied wet, similar to installing window tinting.

Q. Can I peel Clear Armour™ back during installation if I get some air bubbles?

A. Yes. As long as it is wet during installation you can move it around as need be. Use the squeegee to work out the air bubbles. Apply some of the baby shampoo solution to the outer side to let the squeegee slide more.

Clear Armour™ Protection for Phones and Touch Screen Devices

Q. Does Clear Armour™ effect the sensitivity of my touchscreen?

A. No, not in the slightest. It will also have no effect on the screens display due to Clear Armour™ being completely transparent. In fact Clear armour enhances the sensitivity of the touch display.

Q. Just How strong is Clear Armour™?

A. Clear Armour™ is extremely strong and was originally used in a military capacity to protect helicopter blades. It has been designed to stand up to the toughest conditions.

Q. Is Clear Armour™ guaranteed?

A.The Replacement Guarantee is that if your Clear Armour™ ever peels, bubbles or discolours in any way while protecting your device, we will replace the Clear Armour™ for free, for life of your device.

All Clear Armour™ products are fully guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship. Our Replacement Guarantee does not cover product damages that may have result from normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse of the product. Clear Armour™ will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, or punitive damage arising from the use of this product.

Installation errors are not covered by the Replacement Guarantee. This includes bubbles under the Clear Armour™ film, as well as incorrect alignment of the shield on your device or the application of the wrong Clear Armour™ product to a particular device. Please read the application instructions carefully before installing your Clear Armour™.

Q. Can Clear Armour™ be removed if required?

A. While designed to never unintentionally peel Clear Armour™ can be removed quite easily by peeling of in a similar way to a sticker be first lifting a corner and then removing on an angle.

Q. How long before I can remove and re-apply?

A. If you are unhappy with your initial application Clear Armour™ can be removed and reapplied after approx. 5 minutes. It is strongly advised that you are careful when removing the film to avoid stretching the Clear Armour™.

Q. Will I need to cut the Clear Armour™ to fit my device?

A. Clear Armour™ is a custom fit. It is pre-packaged to suit your specific requirement.

Clear Armour